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My name is Dr. Elizabeth Viney (née Koenig). I am a licensed psychologist in the Seattle metropolitan area providing primarily assessment and consultation services for children and adolescents.

I provide comprehensive diagnostic, psychological, and psychoeducational evaluations for children suspected of having developmental, behavioral, and/or learning problems.


Scheduling Updates (as of September 2022)

For those seeking therapy services: Unfortunately, I am no longer taking therapy clients at this time. Please feel free to contact me about referrals for other providers who may be able to assist you.

For those seeking testing/evaluation services: I am providing in-person testing with safety precautions in place. Parent intake and feedback appointments are all virtual at this time, while the actual testing with the child will take place in my office.  I only book out 5-6 months in advance, and I currently have a waitlist for scheduling. Currently the wait is about 6 months from the time I am first contacted. 

(However, for IQ/gifted evaluations and Early Entrance to Kindergarten evaluations, I can usually schedule these assessments within a few weeks.)



Contact me to inquire about setting up an initial intake visit, which is our chance to discuss your child or teen's developmental history and current concerns, and determine if I would be a good fit for your family's needs. 

If you are an existing client and need access to my secure client portal, click the button below.