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Some or all of the fees for psychological services may be covered by your insurance.



including Uniform Medical Plan


(Excluding Premera)


  Healthcare Management Administrators

A Note About Insurance

If I am not an in-network provider for your insurance plan, there may be a work-around for getting your insurance to cover some of the costs of my services: 

First, call your insurance company to inquire if you have "out of network" benefits. Ask them about the percentage of the costs they might cover for an out-of-network provider, and ask what your deductible is.​

After our testing is complete, I will provide you with a "superbill" (a statement that you can submit to your insurance company), and they may reimburse you for some of the cost of my services.

If I am in-network with your insurance, I am happy to bill claims directly to your insurance company for you. In ALL cases, it is the patient or patient’s family’s responsibility to review their insurance benefit for coverage with my services. I do not routinely provide checks for insurance coverage on patients’ plans and highly recommend that a patient or patient’s family does so before initiating treatment services with me. 

Sometimes insurance companies will subcontract out their clients' mental health benefits to another insurance company. Please be sure that your medical insurance provider is the same as your mental health insurance provider.




Flat Rate: $3,000

  • Testing begins with a one-hour intake  appointment for parents only ($275). This is where we will discuss your concerns about your child in detail, before initiating testing. 

  • The remainder of the cost ($2,725) is for the rest of the evaluation process. Evaluations typically require between 10-15 hours of time spent administering and scoring the testing, interpreting the results, and writing up results into a diagnostic report. This flat rate fee also includes a final feedback session with the parent(s) to discuss the results and recommendations.

  • I will ask for half of the fee, as a deposit, after our intake appointment. The remaining half of the fee will be due when the testing and feedback session are complete.

  • If I am out of network with your insurance provider, I will provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance for reimbursement.


Flat Rate: $625

  • I have a flat rate of $625 for IQ testing, which is usually performed if you are interested in having your child apply to gifted/private schools in the area. This fee includes about 1-2 hours of testing with the child and brief summary/write-up of the results. 

  • IQ testing is not covered by insurance.


Flat Rate: $650

  • I have a flat rate of $650 for Early Entrance to Kindergarten Evaluations (EEKE). This includes about 2 hours of testing with the child and a brief summary/write-up of the results.

  • Early Entrance Testing is not covered by insurance.



  • I am available for consultation with parents and teachers, most often as follow-up after an evaluation is complete. For example, parents sometimes ask me to attend school meetings. I can also provide short-term behavioral consultation for parents. 

  • Consultation appointments are scheduled in 60-minute increments but sometimes run shorter, and I will bill accordingly.